A comparison of the different degrees of price discrimination

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3 Types of Price Discrimination

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Associate Degrees

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In many examples of ‘price discrimination’ consumers are charged different prices for a similar good. In these examples, consumers pay a premium for a slightly more expensive option.

Price discrimination

For example, ‘premium unleaded petrol’ may cost the firm an extra 1p over standard unleaded, but the. The Vexilar Genz Pack is a basic model, named for the Dave Genz, the legendary ice fishing pioneer. Genz invented the fish trap and the ice box or “blue box”. Price discrimination happens when a firm charges a different price to different groups of consumers for an identical good or service, for reasons not associated with costs of supply.

What are the main aims of price discrimination? Comparison Between Second and Third-Degree Price Discrimination Monopolistic price discrimination remains an important topic in teaching students at all levels.

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A comparison of the different degrees of price discrimination
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