A study on the location of atlantis through different observations according to the details of plato

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Atlantis: Examining the Legendary Tale of Plato

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Atlantis: Examining the Legendary Tale of Plato

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The story of the lost continent of Atlantis starts in B.C. with the Greek philosopher Plato. Plato had planned to write a trilogy of books discussing the nature of man, the creation of the world, and the story of Atlantis, as well as other subjects.

And yet, according to archaeologists, civilization began much more recently, c. BC (in the lands of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia). The historicist interpretation of Plato’s Atlantis is thus strongly contradicted by scientific evidence.

The worst thing a researcher can do is to study either one of these cities in isolation from. In the Timaeus Plato presents an elaborately wrought account of the formation of the universe and an explanation of its impressive order and beauty. The universe, he proposes, is the product of rational, purposive, and beneficent agency.

Atlantis Revealed: Plato's Cautionary Tale Was Based On A Real Setting

It is the handiwork of a divine Craftsman (“Demiurge. Some have seen in these archaeological discoveries the outline of Plato’s Atlantis story.

The Minoan society on Thera was wealthy, powerful, and occasionally warlike. Plato’s narrative says as. ; published a book called Atlantis: The Antediluvian World; his theories were imaginative and inspiring, they had very little scientific truth; he states platos theory was true and Atlantis was paradise where the gods and godesses lived.

wrote "fingerprints of the gods"; ancient, lost civilization spread to rest of world. journalist who says that Atlantis is right before our eyes. North part of Antartica and is now covered by ice so archeological evidence not reachable.

A study on the location of atlantis through different observations according to the details of plato
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