Accounting questions the difference between general

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Accounting Interview Questions

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For example, How is she?. Basic Differences Between Accounting and Bookkeeping Many people confuse accounting and bookkeeping, mistakenly thinking that they are one and the same.

Find out what differentiates accounting from bookkeeping, and their functions in business. Accounting Basics (Q&A) Have a specific accounting question? Try our search: Q&A. Popular Recent What is a general ledger account? What is the difference between accounts payable and accounts receivable?

What is the difference between a general ledger and a general journal? Differences The key difference between amortization and depreciation is that amortization is used for intangible assets, while depreciation is used for tangible assets.

Another major difference is. How vs Why “How” and “why” are both used for interrogation.

Difference Between How and Why

They might have answers which are related closely to each other, but “how” one answers, “by what way or method,” and “why” one answers and “the reasons” need to be examined. Fledgling small-business owners are often told that they should hire a professional to help with the accounting side of their companies.

Because both bookkeepers and accountants offer services, understanding which one you need can be puzzling. In accounting the term variance usually refers to the difference between an actual amount and a planned or budgeted amount.

For example, if a company's budget for supplies expense is $30, and the actual amount is $28.

Accounting questions the difference between general
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