An analysis of the differences between the creationists and the evolutionists

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Difference Between Evolution and Creation

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One big difference between creationists and evolutionists.

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The Creation/Evolution Continuum

He and Will C. Mar 23,  · BBC 1 Debate: Did Man Create God? (The Big Questions 29th May ) - Duration: Muslim Debate Initiative Archiveviews.

Evolution vs. Creation. Evolution and the Creation theory have long been the subject for debate sessions and simple arguments.

These two theories propose two significantly opposing ideas about the creation of the Earth and humankind. The creation/evolution continuum, like most continua, has few sharp boundaries.

Although there is a sharp division between YECs and OECs, the separation. What's the difference between creation, evolution, and intelligent design?

Creation versus Evolution

It could be tempting to simply put participants in the discussion into two groups—creationists and evolutionists—and you are going to make an argument from analogy it really does behove you to choose one that has more similarities than differences between. BOTH. Evolutionists believe all living things descended from a single-celled common ancestor over billions of years.

Creationists, in contrast, believe that God created separate “kinds” of animals 6, years ago. Each had lots of potential for variation and adaptability, but within the limits of the overall kind. The difference between scientific creation and evolution is not over observational and present-day empirical scientific data, but rather over interpretation of data—for example, interpretations of observed geological landforms (see section, Catastrophic Worldwide Flood).

An analysis of the differences between the creationists and the evolutionists
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