An analysis of the issue of depression among adolescents

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Study of prevalence of depression in adolescent students of a public school

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Although risk factors for childhood and adolescent depression can be categorized as biologic, psychologic, or environmental, these factors are often intertwined.7, 8, 11, 12 For example, parental depression is strongly associated with childhood and adolescent depression; children of parents with depression have a threefold greater risk of.

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Suicide among LGBT youth

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Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Depression

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Depression Among Adolescents - an Analysis | The purpose of present research is to find out depression among adolescents.

Total sample consisted 60 with the age range. Prevalence of Depression Among Adolescents: A Comparative Analysis EDUCATION Vandana Sharma Research Scholar (SRF), Department of Education, Panjab Univer-sity, Chandigarh, PIN - KEYWORDS Depression, prevalence and adolescents.

ABSTRACT The present study was attempted to find out the prevalence of depression among adolescents. Mar 17,  · Introduction. Unipolar depressive disorder is a common mental health problem in adolescents worldwide, 1 with an estimated 1 year prevalence of 4–5% in mid to late adolescence.

2,3 Depression in adolescents is a major risk factor for suicide, the second-to-third leading cause of death in this age group, 4 with more than half of adolescent suicide victims reported to have a depressive.

An analysis of the issue of depression among adolescents
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