An introduction to the differences in laterality among males and females

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Laterality Patterns of Brain Functional Connectivity: Gender Effects

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Differences in cerebral cortical anatomy of left- and right-handers

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Nonetheless, we did replicate the A/J laterality of the GCL in the C57/BL6J mice, since the right GCL volume was significantly larger than the left, among wildtype males and females.

Thus, the laterality of the GCL may be a general phenomenon among rodents, even if sex differences in GCL laterality. This study examines gender differences and laterality in maximal handgrip strength and CFE in young adults.

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2. METHODS. Subjects was used to examine significant differences among trial means (gender and dominant/non-dominant and non-dominant hands in males and females, and the test results of two-way ANOVA. Gender and laterality.

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The Difference Between the Male and Female Brain. Mark B. Kastleman. Significant differences exist between the male and female brains. Although what follows has been meticulously gathered from the research and writings of leading scientists and psychologists, it is by no means a hard and fast rule or description of every man and.

Abstract. It has been hypothesized that language functions are more strongly lateralized to the left hemisphere in males than in females. Previous anatomical data and patient studies have suggested that the posterior language areas should exhibit sex differences. In a widely used decision-making task, the Iowa Gambling Task (IGT), male performance is observed to be superior to that of females, and is attributed to right lateralization (i.e., right hemispheric dominance).

An introduction to the differences in laterality among males and females
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