Means are more important than end

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Why is the start more important than the end? What does "the end is near" mean?

End Goals vs. Means Goals

What is the meaning of life? Is effort more important than the end result? The means is much much more important than the end. suppose you want to be the person with the top marks in class or college, what you need to do is study really hard but instead the common practice is copying or peeking.

if found out, this can lead to your failure in not only the exam, but also in life. Actually we are deviating away from the topic of the debate is the end is more important than the means.

Let's come back to the topic. Report this Argument. Pro. Extend all arguments. Report this Argument. Con. aishwarya_ forfeited this round. Pro. means is more important than end means dat the the final result is more doesn't matter how we hv achieved our goal.

Means are more important than end
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