The different factors affecting acceptance

A survey of factors affecting clinician acceptance of clinical decision support

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Factors Affecting CPAP Acceptance in Elderly Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Taiwan

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acceptance and use of an e-learning system can be influenced by different factors. The objective of this research is to examine the factors that have an impact on students’ perceptions about the. This qualitative discussion is followed by a quantitative analysis of identifying key factors affecting public acceptance of nuclear energy (also called public nuclear acceptance) as part of the effort to examine public nuclear acceptance patterns in different countries.

The factors affecting mobile obesity-management app acceptance were assessed using 18 questions, comprising three questions for each of the six factors.

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Three of the six acceptance factors (PU, PEOU, and BI) were derived from two. Conclusions. Acceptance of technology in the pre-implementation stage is influenced by multiple factors.

However, post-implementation research on technology acceptance by community-dwelling older adults is scarce and most of the factors in this review have not been tested by using quantitative methods. factors as reference in further user acceptance study, and the proposed research model in this study could also help in improving understanding of user acceptance in similar IM mobile application study.

Recent reports have identified a surprisingly low acceptance rate for different types of CDS. We hypothesized that factors affecting CDS system acceptance could be categorized as relating to differences in patients, physicians, CDS-type, or environmental characteristics.


The different factors affecting acceptance
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