The marriage and unification of different cultures according to rossmery oakes

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The Making of a Moonie

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The Making of a Moonie: Choice or Brainwashing? is a book written by British sociologist Eileen Barker, Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, United Kingdom, ISBN The book describes the religious conversion process to the Unification Church, whose members are sometimes informally referred to as " Moonies ".

“My research, which I’ve been conducting sincesuggests that arranged marriage in the Unification Church works as well as arranged marriages in other cultures and certainly far better on.

Marriage and Cultural Differences. Different cultures each have their own inherent richness and learning. Getting married may not only mean a new life for you, but you may also be entering into a different family tradition with new cultural expectations that need to be met and realised. In some cultures however things have not developed so much with regards to marriage.

What happens after marriage can depend greatly on the culture in which the marriage takes as does the celebration itself. PDF | Studying texts by Lydia Maria Child, Sarah Grimke, and Margaret Fuller, this article seeks to recover the early phases of a dialogue that moved marriage away from an institution grounded in.

The marriage and unification of different cultures according to rossmery oakes
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