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The things they carried essays

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Response to The Things They Carried In The Things They Carried, by Tim O’ Brien, the author tells of several short stories that portray the horrors of war and how they can affect soldiers. Things They Carried Essay: Buried Social Issues Exposed - Buried Social Issues Exposed in The Things They Carried The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien is a wonderful and personal look into one of this countries darkest times.

The vivid imagery that the author uses lets the reader actually experience the feeling of actually being in the war.

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"The Things they Carried" is a novel that entails a collection of short stories based on America soldiers. The book discusses the various issues, challenges and problems that begot the American soldiers during the Vietnam War.

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"The Things They Carried" Pages Tim O'Brien writes about these stories that happened while he was in Vietnam, he must have been writing these stories down for years then one day put them all together and related the characters and linked the stories and made a book out of it.

The things they carried essay
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